torsdag, december 31

Collagenovell av bitar ur decenniets bästa låtar

I wasn't really looking for some more than some company on the dance floor. Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that. Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal, the joy of repetition really is in you.

Love is to share, mine is for you. Be a star and fall down somewhere next to me.

Oh, I'm scared of the middle place between light and nowhere. You think I'd leave your side, baby? You know me better than that.

Stop looking for answers in everyone's face. We are the innovators. They are the imitators.

I am yours now, so now I don't ever have to leave. Jag är inte mycket, inte mycket att titta på, men du kommer aldrig behöva ljuga igen.

...och med det: gott nytt år från Extra allt!

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