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Films Shot With Handheld Cameras

Most widely known is the Blair Witch Project (1999) with its band of teens running through the Burkittsville Woods panting into the microphone. It creates a sense of realism and more social event. Handheld camera films are annoying at the same rate as being appealing. The view is just skewed enough for the mind to play tricks, especially during scary films such as Quarantine (2008) or Kubrick’s Dr.Strangelove (1964) illustrating revenge on Jack the Ripper.

For the lower budget films such as the Dardenne Brothers’ Lorna’s Silence the handheld camera depicts a poorer social setting, rather than the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Whilst the brothers from Belgium manage to create a powerful and believable story, the general feel is that camcorders are really only worthwhile for documentary type films, or short ones.

Personally I like these kinds of movies that give the viewer a chance to melt into the story and as they are viewed from the first person you find yourself entered into the plot. Although, I for one wouldn’t be holding a camera if there were scary rabid beasts chasing me, if I was I would make sure it was the right way up, that’s for sure!

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