fredag, augusti 28

Butlins the new rap venue

Butlins? Really? The last venue (December 4th) on Dizzee Rascal’s concert list to Skegness’ Butlins. I can just imagine it now, Dizzee telling old ladies and face painted 5 year olds to ‘’Fix Up Look Sharp’’. Even Calvin Harris might do a set!

Are these performers actually going there? What are next, care homes, building sites, the odd multi-story car park in Burnley? I thought we were supposed to be climbing out of the pit of the recession not diving headfirst into stupidity.

Dizzee’s ‘Bonkers’ album features the newly released ‘Holiday’ whose video premiered on the 24th August.

When they aren’t, Dizzee and Calvin, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cartoon Network Game Show entertainers or sing a long Story Book Panto acts I assume you could be seeing them wind down at Splash Waterworld.

Has the music industry gone mad? The internet has turned it on its head, but when did performing in front of completely wrong demographic make things better? I for one want to see them do the outdoor ‘Orange’ festivals. UK performers have too many restrictions due to the rollercoaster weather forecasts so chase your fans with intimate events with quick acapella set ups. Easy money!

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2 kommentarer:

Matti sa...

ummm.. va?

Jonas sa...

Han skriver nu väldigt inriktat på en brittisk publik, såna som känner till Butlins (semesterbyar) och panto. Jag vet inte varför.

För övrigt är konserter på Butlins inte nåt nytt. All Tomorrow's Parties-festivalerna har ordnats på såna ställen i tio år.