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R.D. Welch Broadcasting Genius Turns Into Compassionate Cat Lover

He’s been in broadcasting upper management for 20 years, now he’s a novelist with a soft touch. RD Welch’s: Button A Forever Friend exacerbates his loneliness from his recent divorce and documents his heartfelt story in finding ‘Button’.

The TV anchor and multiple ADDY award winner shows his softer side by having a new and different kind of love for a discarded cat. It goes to show that even hot headed businessman are human after all. Even being a pillar of the TV and production world, life after his wife and having 4 grown up children can leave the soul empty. His children lead their own lives and now little Button is helping him find his feet again.

Lots of people are affected by divorce and it can almost be like a death. The change of normality, order and routine is side swiped until something replaces it. The need for self discovery and rebuilding is apparent and ultimately a pet can fill the void. Every pet owner talks and treats their animal with unconditional love, unless it bites you, and their reliance on a human figure becomes noticeable once they realize the lack of thumbs and those pesky tin cans.

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