söndag, augusti 30

My Good Sauce

My Sauce Good are taking their almost gypsy like repertoire of their acts to Sydney Latino Film Festival this coming week (2nd-13th September). The festival sees vast range of Latin American bands and groups gather together encapsulate the unique style of music.

I liken Dirk Kruithof to Phil Collins (back in the day) of the classical music world. He melds music together and with the multi-lingual (or instruments in Phil’s case) Laura Brozky singing in French, Italian, Hebrew or Spanish makes incredible music. As Collins would write songs and then piece together the instruments, as long as he could play them, they would come together in harmony.

The sharpness of the violinist, Veren Grigorov, gets the ears pricked and the fingers wafting like a composer. You can see why INXS and TV productions including King Lear and Midsummer Nights Dream used Grigorov’s skills to good use. Let’s hope the judges of the festival see the same way and they get some recognition they deserve!

The effervescent trio is likely to be up there with the rest of them. Their uniqueness and unflappable talent shines through where others waiver and folk and 20’s jazz are a difficult mix to get right.

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