fredag, augusti 28

Choose what you read NY

Claire Wilsons vision of having commuters and online media lovers, having a retrospective step and picking up a donated book from major NY subways. The internet is full of information, some factual, some not.

She wants to bring back the calmness of reading a decent novel and wipeout the tabloid propaganda. Yes the world goes through recessions all of the time, but last year was a joke as the media publications did nothing to quench the publics fear, only fuelled it.

Her website allows fellow readers to read a book and trace where it goes to next. Sort of an anonymous pen pal system. You drop the books off in boxes around NY and bounce onto the next one. If you regularly use the subway then why expand your mind instead of clogging it with journalistic twaddle.

I love the idea, as it’s a non profit organization it’s free, and surely a train full of readers is a nicer place to be than robbers paradise teaming with gangsters?

Have a look here! And get browsing before September 1st, when the next book exchange occurs. Wilson started ironically on a facebook page but has now moved on to the website.

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