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Bark Cat Bark vs Yann Tiersen

Multi-talented and multi-instrumentalists the Parisian Josh Todd has always been likened to Yann Tiersen. While Josh might be 20 years younger (at the tender age of 19), I can’t help but hope that he might take minimalist classical/French folk music away from the underground and pierce the limelight.

His ever faithful followers were in despair when MySpace blocked his free download music links. Never fear they are available here.

Yann Tiersen with his vast academy training from Boulogne, Nantes and Rennes has similarly owns many instrumental talents. I think, despite having more experience, is a little more uptight compared to Josh’s work, as if his leash is more flexy rubber to Yann’s solid steel.

I suppose it’s the younger man’s freedom and excruciatingly bright outlook on his popular experimental music. The next question is who is next? Who can take on Mr.Todd’s eclectic compositions? Can Maite Itoiz and John Kelly backtrack from the ‘cheesy’ mainstage acts and diversify more?

I’d like to less freebies from Josh. Yes it makes his beautiful work accessible but there needs to be a balance between giving things away and not becoming a multi-millionaire gangster you see on MTV!

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