torsdag, augusti 27


Paul Thomsen Kirk; the wee bonny Scotsman turned Hiroshima resident is getting into the swing of taking his alternative and experimental music to the UK’s number 1 radio station, Radio 1. Mary Anne Hobbs will interview and help promote his showcase songs. Hobbs’ show is aired in the early hours, but with the popularity of Radio 1 they can make a hero out of whomever they see fit. Let’s hope he sells himself and gets the recognition he deserves.

Being housed in a foreign country obviously will take its toll on a Briton. I suppose it promotes a sense of adventurousness that lacks in modern Britain. This clearly shines through, although whilst not being your normal euro beat that blankets the charts it has a quirkiness that appeals. The Kinks esque repetitive guitar and drum beat of ‘Humid’ gives it familiarity although Paul is influenced by David Lynch and Creed.

As an upcoming artist he arguably needs to spread his e-wings a little more. Branching out with viral marketing he could get to where he wants to be faster. Having only 91 followers on MySpace is a little timid. Think big, get big is my motto. Use it wisely Paul.

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