tisdag, augusti 25

Graffiti by Chris Brown

This year sees the release of a third album from R&B star Chris Brown. Recently dominating the press for the assault of his superstar girlfriend Rihanna, their has been a lot of gossip surrounding the new material featuring on his album.

This is mainly due to the public apologies he makes via his music in songs such as the slow ballad Changed Man. Some fans who once doted on the young star don’t seem to be totally behind him in his effort to regain the love of the public, fuelled with large amounts of slams via the web not helping his campaign.

Graffiti is to be the title of the new album, featuring duets from Bow Wow and Ciara he’s had no trouble rallying other high profile stars to collaborate with him. Looking forward and focusing on what he loves best seem to be the theme.

Although excited for his new work which will be a more fun and eclectic it will be interesting to see if the world can really give this young hopeful another chance. Or will those ex fans feel somewhat let down and not really give the album the chance it may or may not deserve.

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