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Is BluRay this Xmas Wii

With Christmas looming, I know I know the summer isn’t over yet, are we gearing up for another crazy retailing winter? Deep into the worst recession since the 1930’s, there are talks of it waning but I don’t see the governments handing out cash like the banks have been getting.

Christmas 09 will be another tight one. Hopefully this means that prices will be lower. The storm of the Nintendo Wii caused a few years ago might be met by the hopeful DVD replacement. It’s expected that Blu-Ray will catch up fully by 2012 to DVD sales. As with the Wii, it has already been available, but with prices coming down, or being forced rather, we might see a general takeover in the shops.

sales are increasing due to lower prices, in turn pressuring stand alone Blu-Ray machines to being more affordable. It won’t be long before we see Blu-Ray iPhones and MP4 Blu-Ray gizmos but for now lets hope they get the basics right. Blu-Ray has revolutionalised the filming industry. Batman: The Dark Knight has been a fairly defining moment this year for Blu-Ray helped by the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger in January before the films release.

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