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Inglorious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino is renowned for his violent and controversial films and obviously plays to fans or critics when he decided to take on Inglorious Basterds. It’s an unknown why he changed the spelling and is intended to be a take on Enzo G. Castellari’s original 1978 film.

Typically the cast is an eclectic mix of his regulars, Samuel L Jackson and Eli Roth and playing the awkward Jewish American soldier Brad Pitt. Lined with humour, Mike Myers, and general mocking of Hitler’s regime it reeks of the shocking realism of WWII.

Strangely for Tarantino there is too much emphasis and possibly poor directing as the film is laden with too many languages. French, German, English; unlike other subtitled films it distracts and causes a loss of attention similar to Pulp Fiction’s taxi scene.

Inglorious Basterds does have a fact running through it but the offering of fiction adds a cheeky turn on the serious subject of war. Eight soldiers on a Nazi killing spree is not really one for the faint hearted, but alas has Quentin lost his vicious nature. Yes it does have your typical blood and guts, but maybe die hard fans would expect a little more nastiness?

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