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Emerging film Directors head for Strasbourg

From 28th August to 6th September see’s another Strasbourg International Film Festival (SiFF). Aimed at new and upcoming film makers it has cute immaturity of being a shy stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Last year’s tremendous turn out paved the way for next weeks cinematic screen fest. Budding producers without distributing deals are all ready and waiting to hit their big break. I love this sort of platform of getting noticed. It’s almost American Idol meets Britain's Got Talent, only better. And with participants with actual talent. And worthwhile.

Who is going to be the next Shih Ting Hung? Who premiered with Voila: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant and subsequently won gold at Student Academy Awards 08. Shih Tung Hung will be always remembered and shows to all the other entrants that SiFF really gets you noticed.

Can Florian Eichinger’s Bergfest or the tense thriller of Baghdad, Texas by David H. Hickey claim top spot this year? My money is on Mark Perraeault’s ‘Bureaucracy’; a tale of survival and revenge whereby a man plots a murderous intent to save his blind sister.

More film buffs are needed as tickets are available up to the last minute.

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