torsdag, augusti 27

When are they going to stop Big Brother

Big Brother hit our screens 10 years ago. Back then it was a new and creative idea from John De Mol. With readers of George Orwell’s 1984 seeing similarities it quickly got off to a great start. Viewers glued to the screens like araldite does to, well anything really.

After BB3 I got sick and tired of watching the same drivel. Granted, the producers must have had a whale of time thinking of quirky tasks for the inmates. I’d like to see more violence like the film The Condemned or stick Simon Cowell in there.

Unsurprisingly the wannabe actors came out of the woodwork and effectively got a free ticket into show business. Some have managed to stick at it, Brian Dowling did appear on Radio 1 regularly, although others like Jade Goody struggled to clasp onto fame while still taking advantage of media, during her last days.

Sad really that we have become a nation fixated on watching others live their boring lives. I’m going to start a campaign to rid everyone of their TV’s for 3 months. It’ll be tough, but be assured, you will feel refreshed and those lost brain cells would have had time to rebuild.

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2 kommentarer:

Jonas sa...

Samma dag som "Dan" skriver om "Big Brother" gör Daniel det också. Och eftersom Daniels text är (minst) tusen gånger bättre, får då Daniel 3000 dollar för sin text?

malte sa...

När han snackar om "we have become a nation" - äre Thailand då eller? Eller låtsas han vara britt? Han är verkligen ett enigma, denne Dan.

Små-morbidt också att hävda att det var Jade Goody som utnyttjade media under sina sista dagar i livet; annars kunde man kanske sagt att det var tvärtom?

Undrar förresten om han sitter och googletranslejtar våra kommentarer?